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Abandon All Hope...

...ye who enter here

New Journal
Welcome! ^^

OK, if you've been here before, you're probably wondering why I changed this opening post. Whether new or old to this revamped journal, read below for explanations.

This was originally supposed to be a journal where I would review movies. If you check some older entries, you can actually see two reviews down there. Well that project totally went out the window, because writing a good and detailed review, no matter how interesting, takes up a LOT of precious time.

Meanwhile, I started updating this with normal entries more and more often, so I figured, what the hell? I'll just switch this into a good ol' ranting journal.

So there ya go!


*passes out*
Food poisoning sucks big, fat donkey balls.

That is all.

A shameful display of geekery, AKA: Get this girl a friggin' editor
Anyone on my flist who isn't interested in FF8, or RPGs in general, flee now, while there's still time. The rest of you, read the intro, and if that doesn't make you join the ones already fleeing, you're in for a 20K word partial draft of an outtake that just seriously got derailed. I think it's mildly amusing, so I thought I'd share.

Here be the ficletCollapse )


CONT'D in the first comment

No, not the game! That one was fun though...

Some of you may know, and some of you prolly don't, but I underwent surgery a few days ago. I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately, what with getting ready and stuff and some people wanted details on the inner workings of a laser eye surgery, so this entry is mainly for them. If interested follow the cut, but be warned, the entry is pretty damn huge XD

The whole shebangCollapse )

I hope my rant was illuminating enough XD I'll see you guys on the 19th when I shall return to my ickle apartment ;)

Ta! <3333

Atheism vs Religion

Cut for rantCollapse )
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House M.D. S03E16 'Top Secret'Collapse )

Deathly Hallows Cover Art
Below follow my observations concerning all three covers. If that counts as a spoiler for you guys, please don't read any further.

DH coversCollapse )

That's a lot of rambling and it only made me realize one thing. I want to read that book SO bad it hurts x.x But it's also the LAST one. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!

Please fuck off and die, kkthxbai.
(the following might not make much sense unless you know a bit of Balkan history)

Pure CrapCollapse )

Medieval Tech Support
This totally made my day XDXD Brilliant and hilarious. Even funnier if any of you have ever been called to help a technologically-challenged friend.


Valentine's Day
I loathe this holiday with every fiber of my being.

And NO, it's not because everyone around me seems to be obnoxiously happy. I've admittedly only ever happened to date someone on V-Day once, but that still didn't make such a huge difference to me. If you love someone, you love them every single day and should celebrate it every single day. Sans overly large pillow hearts that make annoying sounds when you squish them, kkthxbai.

As such, this year I decided to make a gift to my one true love... MYSELF! XP

I got back into fanfiction, as I've been thinking of doing for a very long time ^^

I have the crisp, oven-fresh fic to prove it! XD

Happy Valentine's Day, me. Oh, and don't forget to do the dishes or George will behead you.


General nothingness and belated resolutions
I'm so bored right now.

Sitting around doing nothing all day tends to prolong that feeling, dunnit? x.x I think about going out... but then I melt into my bed and consider my options: read a book, watch a movie/series, post for an rpg, write or play WoW.

Not surprisingly, lately my choice tends to be the latter... (Xyla is actually level 47 now).

This came out bigger than I thought it would...Collapse )

Hmmm... end rant.

P.S. Oh yeah... PC's fixed!